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At Seamless web design we take your great idea and seamlessly create a website that you and your customers will love

We like listening… we dont think people stop to listen enough these days, weather it’s to music, birds singing or even a friend talking. However listening is the only way to fully understand what someone is trying to say… so when we sit down on the phone or video chat it’s important to us to first of all listen to what you have to say. Your ideas and your vision so we can get an idea of what you want from your website.

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Our Services

Website design

Anything from basic website design to large scale project with integrated e commerce or payment gateways. We can help you create a website you and your customers will love

Logo Design

Logos can be the starting point and one of the first things you decide on when opening a new business so let us be involved from the start and help you design a logo that will work with your website and other marketing materials moving forward. Looking to re brand or freshen things up then we’re here for that too.

Maintenance Plan

We design our websites so that you have access to edit it afterwards meaning maintenance and updating of the website is easy for you to achieve and do. However this is a learning curve and some people prefer not to touch that side of things and rely on us for everything from small changes to large. If that is what you are after we offer a monthly care package where we are here to make any change or update to your website. Pricing is dependent on website.

Marketing Advice

With many years of marketing experience between us we have lots of knowledge and advice we can give. Weather it’s a chat over a coffee or a video call to give you some ideas or even a full consultancy package and management of your marketing then once again it’s something we can offer.

Social Media

This comes alongside marketing advice really as it’s so important for businesses these day big and small. We can help you create a plan and ways to make putting content out easy.


Full branding packages allow us to help you and your idea from start the finish, see your idea transform with your input from an idea to a website you will love, business cards, leaflets, facebook page, pens, the list goes on. Helping you create a brand to make sure your business stands out


Our Team.


Andy Grainger – Director


This is Andy….his love for marketing has been over many years. From running a successful marketing business and helping hundreds of companies to re brand and plan and deliver successful marketing strategies. If Andy isn’t sat in front on his laptop Or phone you’ll find him playing golf or being an awesome grandfather to his grand kids.


Tom Cross – Director


This is Tom…. who comes from an engineering and sales back ground. Being in a sales environment and in front of customers a lot he has learnt to understand what marketing works from the point of view of the customer, what people read and actually respond to. Tom still thinks he is young enough to play rugby although he’s getting on a bit and a new career in golf looks like the best way forward. His plan for this is to let his Father in Law have the kids as often as possible.

Our satisfied customers

We worked hard to make sure our customers get the website that they want, below are some of the nice comments and feedback we have received from some of our recent projects….


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